Deputy Governor in Southern China Investigated Suspected Corruption

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A senior official in southern China’s Guangxi province is being investigated for corruption, the ruling Communist Party’s corruption watchdog said on Friday.

Using the standard term corruption, Deputy Governor Liu Hongwu said that the Central Committee of Discipline Inspection is being investigated for serious disciplinary and law violations. No further details were given.

Liu’s official biography lists him as a senior economist and head of the development office in Beibu Bay, also known as the Gulf of Tonkin.

Guangxi borders Vietnam to the south and is famous for its lush landscape of karst formations. With a long land and sea border and distance from Beijing, this area is also known as an area for smuggling and other illegal activities.

Former governor of Guangxi, Cheng Kejie, was China’s top official who was executed for corruption when he was sentenced to death in September 2000.

President Xi Jinping, who is also the leader of the Communist Party, has been campaigning against corruption for the past ten years. Many officials and former officials in the army, government and party were arrested, tried and convicted. However, the pace of corruption investigations seems to have slowed in recent years. [ab/uh]

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