Robot Museum in Moscow Wants to Inspire Children to Become Engineers

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At the Robostation interactive museum in Moscow, visitors can meet different types of robots, see their technical abilities, dance and communicate with them.

There are industrial robots, animal robots, human-like robots that can read poetry, robot manipulators, and more.

Thespian Robot is manufactured in England. Theatrical means “actor”. He can act out various scenes, read poetry, tell funny stories, answer questions and have short dialogues with visitors.

The following is a conversation between the guide Subkhon Ziyabaev on Robostation and Thespian. Ziyabaev said, “Robots are just like people. There are things they like and dislike. For example, Thespian, can you tell me what you like?”

Thespian responded by claiming that she enjoyed communicating with boys and beautiful girls. It’s also happy when it’s taken out of the container in the morning.

There are also fish robots in the aquarium. The robot made of glass and plastic is hermetically sealed. Tiny motors move the fins, allowing the robot fish to swim in the water. Fishing robots can move independently or be operated by remote control (remote control). Color may vary. Robot fish have motion sensors instead of eyes to detect obstacles and swim to avoid them.

All the robots in the museum have different functions, from industrial needs to entertainment. But most robots can be used, moved, and interacted with.

Robostation director Aleksey Melkov said, “We are trying to make our industrial robots capable of performing some simple functions. We show dancing robots with various types of motors, working based on clockwork mechanisms. We show robots that perform well in production . . . as well as in entertainment formats.”

The museum management said that the exhibition is aimed at people aged 5 to 105, but its main target audience is still children.

In the museum, they can learn about robotics, have fun and gain practical skills in making 3D models by participating in educational programs, programming, application development, technology and virtual design, programming virtual reality and more.

Melkov added that his party is trying to ensure that children have no more questions about robotics, where it is applied, and how robots can help and entertain them in their daily lives.

Robostation has about 40 robots from various countries: England, Korea, China, Japan. If you wish, visitors can buy or rent a robot.

The Robostation is open daily from 11:00 to 20:00. [uh/ab]

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