Russia’s influence in the Baltic Sea grows, warns Swedish army

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Sweden is seeing an increase in Russian activities in the Baltic Sea, thereby increasing its military readiness.

“There is something different from the normal picture,” Lieutenant General Leif Michael Claesson, Head of Joint Operations of the Swedish Armed Forces, said on Thursday (13/1).

For example, Sweden, which is not a member of NATO, saw the presence of large numbers of soldiers. landing craft, Russian Navy transport ship capable of operating in shallow waters entering the Baltic Sea.

Some of the actions taken by the Swedish Armed Forces are visible in anticipation of Russian activity, while others are invisible, Claesson said.

Soldiers from the Gotland regiment patrol the port of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, amid escalating tensions between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, January 13, 2022. Image taken January 13, 2022. (via TT News Agency/Karl Melander, REUTERS.)

He said Swedish military activities will be seen on the strategically important island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, about 300 kilometers from Kaliningrad, a city in Russia.

On Thursday, a detachment of platoons was seen standing guard in the port of Visby, the island’s main city. Security has also been increased in other ports and at the island’s airport.

We will operate in different ways and in different geographical locations in the air, at sea, below sea level and on land.” [ab/uh]

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