USA Supports Ukraine After Cyber ​​Attack

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Friday (14/1) The White House offered support to Ukraine after many of the country’s state institutions were destroyed by cyberattacks last night.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House said INVALID Chairman Biden was briefed on the attack, which caused the Ukrainian government to shut down 15 websites.

The spokesperson said the NSC is offering whatever support it can provide as it continues to assess the impact of the attack.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported on Friday that the affected ministries include finance, national emergency services, as well as government services where electronic passports and vaccination certificates are held.

Messages from hackers in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish were uploaded to the sites and the Ukrainians’ personal data was leaked to the public, but the State Communications and Information Protection Service’s Office told the Associated Press that nothing happened. Evidence of personal data breaches leaked. [jm/pp]

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