Visa Djokovic drama ‘Break’ other tennis players at Australian Open

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Some of the top players of the Asia Open on Saturday 15/1 admitted they were fed up with Novak Djokovic’s drama, which was thought to overshadow the tournament’s class. Grand Slam It’s the first day of the year and we want the attention to turn to tennis again.

In the days before the tournament, amid the Australian government’s efforts to deport Djokovic after revoking his visa twice, the news was marked by news that the world’s number one team attempted to compete at Melbourne Park.

Skeptical about vaccines, Djokovic infuriated Australians when he announced he was flying to Melbourne on a medical exemption from the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination rules for visitors.

“I’m not going to lie. It’s been in every news for the past few weeks,” Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece told reporters at Melbourne Park on Monday (17/1) two days before the start of the tournament. Reuters. Tsitsipas is in fourth place at the Australian Open.

“Tennis hasn’t been talked about much in recent weeks, it sucks.”

Supporters of Serbian Novak Djokovic rallied outside Djokovic’s lawyer’s office in Melbourne to protest the cancellation of his visa to compete at the Australian Open on January 9, 2022.

Djokovic’s bid to defend his title and claim a record 21 times in the tournament Grand Slam, without vaccination, angered the Australian public, especially in the midst of the outbreak of the Omicron variant. But the case made Djokovic a hero of the anti-vaccine movement.

After his visa was revoked for the second time on Friday 14/1, the Serbian player had to fight again to overturn that decision in court (16/1) on Sunday.

“This situation draws the attention of us competitors,” Australia’s number one and 32nd seed Alex de Minaur told reporters.

“It was like stealing from us who wanted to start the tournament. We just want to start and play.”

“To be honest, I was ready to forget about it and focus on my tennis match. Let my tennis do the talking.”

Novak Djokovic mural in Belgrade, Serbia, 6 January 2022.

Novak Djokovic mural in Belgrade, Serbia, 6 January 2022.

De Minaur refused to criticize Djokovic. But he said Djokovic’s decision not to be vaccinated goes against what Australians should do.

Australia is among the countries with curfew in the world or quarantine The Longest. The vaccination rate among adults in the country is 90%.

Australian Open defending women’s singles champion Naomi Osaka says the government decides Djokovic’s status, not the players.

However, he expressed his sympathy for the Serbian. Furthermore, Naomi experienced the uncomfortable state of being in the limelight after she withdrew from the French Open after a dispute with the organizers over her obligation to speak to the media. [ft]

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